Yes, there are a lot of different essay types and each one is specific. However, all of them have the same format. An essay can be 2 pages long or 44 pages long and it will still have 3 main parts. Parts of the essay are introduction, body, and conclusion and we will explain each one.


If you want to know all about the parts of the essay, you will have to start with an introduction. It is the first thing your readers will read and something that can make a massive difference. A well-written introduction can intrigue your readers and make them want to read the entire essay right now. A poorly written introduction will do the opposite thing.

The goal of the introduction is to provide a bit of essay information or the main purpose which will be mentioned in the body and to intrigue your readers. An introduction must not reveal all of which will be told in the body nor reveal key arguments.

To write a perfect introduction, you need 3 sentences. Two of them will inspect both sides of a situation and the third will be a thesis statement. As such, the introduction must have three sentences, which is the ideal length. Too long introductions are not recommended.

An interesting fact is that introduction should be written after the body. By doing this you have better knowledge about the essay itself and you can write a more detailed introduction.


The next step is the body. This is the essence of the essay and it has the main role. A body must be divided into paragraphs. This makes reading much easier and helps you provide better content. Never write paragraphs that are longer than 5 sentences.

How many paragraphs do you need? The answer is 2 or 3. There are specific cases when you should use the first or second option. Two paragraphs should be used when you agree in both of them, you agree in one and disagree in the second and when you want to cover good and bad about something.

Three paragraphs should be used when you agree or disagree in all three of them, when you present three sides of something and when you are providing arguments about something.

Each paragraph is a separate section that doesn’t have to be linked to the previous one. Obviously, you will write about the same topic and the same goal is present, but the paragraphs must not be linked together.

One, an important fact to keep in mind that if you are confused and don’t know about what to write, you still need paragraphs. In that case, scenario, take a break, and provide a single sentence paragraph. After the writing, you can revise it and make it a separate paragraph.

Of all parts of the essay, the body is the one that can make a difference between excellent and poor essays. When or if you are using arguments, you need to start with the strongest. This makes the readers want to get a complete idea about the topic and read the entire essay.


The conclusion is the last part of essays and it is basically the same as the introduction. It is also 3 sentences long and it also should reveal the main idea. When writing it, you have two options. The first one is to use completely opposite words than in the introduction. The second is to use similar or the same words.

The conclusion is often read soon after the introduction by college professors. As such you will definitely need to invest a lot of time and effort into writing one. If possible try and reveal something important in conclusion. Keep in mind that it must end an essay and provide perfect closure.

As you were able to see, there are 3 parts of the essay and each one is equally important. In order to have a great essay, you must write great parts of it, each one. Just one, poorly written section will have a catastrophic effect and will result in a lower grade. Always start with a body and then introduction. Take your time and write a conclusion that matches the idea and the flow of the essay.

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