Have you ever wondered who are the people writing essays from undergraduate to Ph.D. levels? College graduates with a passion for writing and looking for a job often turn to essay writing and to help students with their homework.

Although there is some debate around this topic, there are also books on becoming an academic writer and improving your productivity.

Can anyone become an academic writer?

A reputable essay writing service typically works with expert writers who have an academic background and who have passed a battery of tests to check their knowledge and skills.

In addition to being experts in one or more related areas, the writers have to either be native English speakers or have a near-native command of the language. They also attend writing and research workshops on a regular basis to hone their skills.

These are not only useful for the writers themselves as a nice addition to their CVs, but also ensure that there is a perfect match between the writer and the projects they receive. This in turn means that the customer receives an excellent essay every time.

For an academic paper to be considered up to par, the writer must:

  • be able to write original, well-researched content within a matter of days in order to meet the deadline
  • know the audience and ultimate purpose of the essay
  • be able to follow the topic and any instructions that the student includes with the order
  • add reference and title pages
  • check the final work for plagiarism, just to make sure no phrases or lines got copied over by mistake
  • if necessary, be able and willing to make any revisions to ensure customer satisfaction

The moral issue

While the business of writing essays for a fee is flourishing, schools try harder to reinforce their ethics codes against this practice.

Thus, teachers can detect quite easily the papers that were created by a professional essay writing service and, if students get caught, they can get a low grade or even be expelled. That’s because all academic institutions, regardless of level, condemn cheating and plagiarism and expect their students to avoid these practices at all times.

The writers themselves are also part of the controversy. There are two sides debating the issue: one sees ghostwriting as unethical, while the other accepts it as a service that is currently in demand among movie stars, singers, politicians, and more recently, students.

The main arguments of those who are against offering an essay writing service include the lack of a portfolio, testimonials, and referrals for the authors. They also complain that academic writers don’t usually get paid an adequate fee for the time and effort they put in.

Those who are in favor of ghostwriting for students also have their arguments, especially that they provide a much-needed service.

When it’s alright to turn to professional academic writing

Beyond the controversy, the bottom line is that high school and college life can be very demanding and students are often required to write many essays within a short time. Whatever free time they have left needs to be divided carefully between rest and relaxation, hobbies, jobs, and even families in some cases.

Since the alternative is to fail classes, it is obvious that students sometimes need help. Friends can only do so much, so it’s up to the academic writers to step in.

This type of service is carried out for a fee, therefore it makes sense that the students will have to decide which subjects they need the most help with and submit only those assignments for completion while writing the others on their own.

Besides the requirement to do too many tasks in too short a time, another problem is that the system fails to motivate students to carry out research and put their findings on paper. Finally, there is also the demand for high grades if students want a chance to get that dream job after graduation, hence the need to hire an essay writing service.

It is worth knowing what it takes to become an academic writer, as it can benefit both people who intend to become one and students looking for essay services; this knowledge can surely help strengthen the writer – customer relationship.

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