We all were students once, and we can surely say that student life is fun and full of excitement until essay assignments kick in. Essays are usually the nightmares all students wish not to dream! However, essay assignments are inevitable, and we all have to not only face them but also get good grades in them. Essay writing used to be a problem in the past; nonetheless, the development and use of EdTech Tools have solved this problem for students. Students are always in search of experts who can help writing essay and get students high grades. But the issues start when students are not even able to differentiate between basic types of essays, so what should they do?

They can turn to a professional team! Academic writing experts from Essaystone help students get the essay and other assignments prepared within the deadline and at a reasonable cost. Moreover, they also ensure that students get the best-paid services with some free services like a cheery on the top!

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And while a writing service like Essaystone is one of the most convenient ways to get your assignments done for you, there are other great tools that you can use whenever you need to deal with complex academic assignments. EdTech tools are the new means to help students learn essay writing. We have divided the most influential and effective essay writing EdTech tools into categories with some introductions.

Tool for generating Thesis

A good essay has a brilliant thesis, and this is the part that makes students feel stressed! But the EdTech tool such as Thesis Generator. Students often sweat a lot when it comes to a thesis statement because it is the gist of the essay. Thesis Generator simply needs the topic, the opinion, the key idea, the strongest reason that favors that position, two further grounds for support, an opposing viewpoint, and a suitable title by the users.

Tools for conducting research

After formulating the thesis, the next step is conducting research and getting some supporting and opposing arguments. The research process can be hectic if students are not aware of the tools with which they can find academic sources. Google Scholar is a database with millions of academic sources that students can easily use. Apart from Google Scholar, Pub Med and Quillpad have many online sources that can help write essays.

Tools for vocabulary

Selection of the right vocabulary is a problem for non-native English speakers and native English speakers, and this problem can be solved effectively by using the Vocabulary service. All students, regardless of their nationality, should definitely visit their website to understand all the meanings of different words and terms.

Tools for readability and grammar check

After completing the writing, students should do s proper grammar check using AI tools such as Grammarly, Grammar Now!, and the Grammar Gorillas. These tools will help in correcting all grammatical errors. But if you need to check the readability of your essay in terms of grade level, Read-Able is your best option!

Tools for plagiarism check and managing references

The most head-aching issues in writing essays are keeping the plagiarism percentage as low as stated by the professor and managing the references as per the given reference style. Students can use PlagTracker, Grammarly, or Turnitin to track the plagiarism, and EndNote or Menedely can help students insert references and in-text citations as per desired format.

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