A research paper is about the extensive work you do on a certain topic for any project. It talks about the motive, mode, and end-result of the work done. But this is not the end, it also gives future scopes to researchers. Even after doing a lot of work, a question might arise in every researcher’s mind, ‘what is a good research paper?’

This question drives you to write a good paper after conducting thorough research. It requires in-depth study and knowledge of the process, eagerness to collect facts, arrange the facts with data illustrations, surveys, and help from seniors and professors. Of course, you can always buy a research paper but it’s much more interesting to write it on your own.

Structure Your Research Paper Well to Create an Impressive Aura

There are three major parts in a good research paper, those are introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction part, the topic is described and the to-dos in the upcoming parts are mentioned. On reading the introduction, one can get the idea of what is going to be described in the write-up.

In the body of the research, the writer tells about methodology and research analysis. It includes survey-based results, diagrams, pictures, tables, graphs, scales, examples and much more that is required to make the research paper powerful and authentic. This is the backbone portion of the research and without it, the research paper remains baseless.

The conclusion part contains the crux of the entire research paper and makes the readers understand about the project in short. It gives an idea of what, why and how it was done but emphasizes on the end-result of the entire hard work. Generally, a good conclusion leaves a message for the readers and they become impressed by the lessons taught.

After Completing the Main Parts, Place the Other Required Pages Perfectly

After completion of the main parts, the structuring of the research paper is done. Introduction, body, and conclusion are placed in order as one by one, then before introduction, the topic page, literature review or executive summary, table of contents and research or thesis statement is placed.

After the conclusion; future scopes, recommendations, and suggestions, references and thanksgiving pages are placed one after another. If the researcher has conducted a survey, then the questionnaires and recorded answers in a sheet should be attached to the paper in the end. Thus, a complete research paper can be presented anywhere now.

Balanced Linkages Between Different Parts in the Research Paper Maintains the Flow

However, the order or placement of pages can be changed as per the requirement or choice but it should be in the flow. Maintaining the flow is really important in research and for the same reason, one part of the paper should be linked to the other in a balanced way.

Follow a Few Basic Points and Be a Successful Research Writer

Language is a major concern while writing a research paper and it should not be compromised at all. Good grammar, correct spelling, rich vocabulary and a lot more are to be cared for. Maintaining an understandable content is the necessity of being a good research writer.

So, after following these points, one can easily give an answer to the question, ‘what is a good research paper?’ By following only a few basic steps, one can become an able researcher and writer and achieve applaud after presenting the research among academicians or professors.

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